Our local hillclimb and the road that we use for family trips. Ahladikampos hillclimb is held on the road that connects our city Tripoli with Nauplio where we all visit in summer for its beautiful sea. For those who love and are engaged to motorsport, this road has a special place in their heart. It is a hillclimb which counts on the Greek Hillclimb Championship, so we are lucky to have the chance to watch all the famous Greek drivers compete. This year is my turn to be in the driver's seat.

The previous weekend of the race, we took the decision to race. After covid-19 quarantine and the economic and social conditions, we had decided not to race this year and improve our car. But, not racing means not having the chance to improve your driving and "connection" with the car, so we raced as our engineer adviced us.

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As for the race, the whole organization was good. We passed all the tests as instructed by the goverment and we started preparing our car for the race. It was a strange feeling that there were no spectators for the race. We tested the car on Saturday with a steady but slow rhythm trying to learn car's behaviour.

Ανάβαση Αχλαδόκαμπου 2020

On the positive side, the work we did on the clutch made it better under pressure and both brakes and tyres worked perfectly. On the other side, we had an issue with the rear brakes and as a result the car broke the brakes so we didn't have the chance to do more tests on Saturday. We went back to our garage fixing and testing the brakes and get prepared for the race day.

On Sunday I was in a good mood. I knew I could push and trust the car. On the start of the race, there was an issue with the engine. I didn't quit but I tried my best on every turn as the purpose was to train with the car but also train my mind on race condition.

Peugeot 205 GTi Αχλαδόκαμπος 2020

We leave the race with mixed feelings. Our goal to finish the race was successfull and we were lucky to bring some trophies home:

  • 3rd Ε10 class
  • 3rd Ε10 ~2000cc
  • 4th Ε category 

Till next time...

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