George was born in Tripolis, Greece. From a young age he was on the family's garage playing with screws and tools but also driving under the supervision and admiration of all. He grew up watching his father preparing race cars and other project cars and he fell in love with racing and motorsport.

On every family trip he sat behind his fathers front seat, where he dream speed and racing with a Peugeot 205 Rallye.

In his teenage years he found a way out in the racing games of the time and from time to time he tried kart.

In his student years he set a goal to make his dream come true. At the same time he buys his first wheelbase and started working on simracing games. From simracing he met many real race drivers, who helped him develop in the field of driving and concentration.

In 2014 he manage to become world champion in Richard Burns Rally (RallyeSim) and he continued untul 2018 with WayTooFast Rally Team. Along with those team championships he also had some solo wins in various rallies.

In 2015 he started promoting simracing in Greece through his channel on https://twitch.tv/bratsaki where he shared his passion about simracing and motorsport. He also establises DiRT Helenic community the greek community of DiRT Games of Codemasters.

From 2017 he started participating in track races on simulators Assetto Corsa & iRacing. He participated 2 season in GT3 championships of F1aXion collecting experiences. In his first season he finished 21th and in second in 11th position.

In 2019 he started participating in Endurance races with lots of success under the Omega Racing Tam. Highlight of that year is that he finished in 8th position in 24h Spa 2020 of iRacing with BCR Team Greece.

From 2020 he started his own team for simracing where he participates in championships at Assetto Corsa Competizione. All races are streamed at RallyDiaries YouTube channel, while the team communicates through our Discord Server.

“From simracing to real rallies”

From 2018 he managed to make his dream come true creating RallyDiaries team and participating in tarmac rallies.

After a long preparation, in 2019 we started racing with Peugeot 205 GTi. On the first racing season he participated in 2 races trying to learn more about the car.

In Dimitsana hillclimb 2019 he finished 5th in class classification and 8th in group classification. At Tsakona hillclimb he finished 1st in class classification and 2nd in group classification.

In 2020 a difficult season he participated in 2 races. At Achladokampos hillclimb he finished 3rd in class classification and group classification. In Dimitsana hillclimb 2020 he finished 2nd in class and group classification.

In 2021 he participated in Crosscar Championship 2021 driving a Speedcar XTREM for his first time.

In 2023 he participated in the National Hillclimb cup of southern Greece. After good results he managed to win the National Hillclimb cup of southern Greece in his class.

Apart from motorsport and simracing, George is a web developer and social media manager of RallyDiaries. In his free time he loves meeting friends, read books and drive around the local mountains.

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