After meeting with an old friend who has the same passion about simracing he proposed the idea of organising a championship under our brand. It was an interesting idea which we continued discussing drinking tsipouro and eating dinner. 

The game that we decided to organise our first esport rally championship is Ricahrd Burns Rally and mod a helpful and well organised community working and improving the game for its members.

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This is how RallyDiaries eRally Championship was born.

The purpose of this championship is to be a simple championship with easy roadbooks, reduced damage and lots of car categories to choose from. RallyDiaries eRally championship is designed to help new drivers start playing and enjoy Richard Burns Rally while pro and experienced drivers can compete with other drivers using faster cars.

The championship's organization offers help to all participants and their questions. We have created some online video tutorials about how to play the game and improve your experience. You can also join our Discord server to get help from our community members.

We always want to give back to the community

We love to strive for best quality on our projects but also share our passion and help improve the simracing community. We believe in social media influence and we want to help spread the word of our championship and community.

We encourage our drivers to share media (photos/videos) to social media (Facebook / Instagram / TikTok).
We also encourage using hashtags #rallydiarieserally & #rallysimfans but also tag both the accounts of @rallydiaries &

Last but not least we have also created our own championship decals to use on your cars. Download link here.

On our championship's website we have more information about our championship.

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